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The cooperative

The philosophy

Vin de Liège sprung from the associative sector in Liège. Its creators’ ambition is to show that a different economic model is possible.

The Vin de Liège cooperative has therefore defined a series of objectives that enable the company to respect people-focused and environmental values:

  • To start a cooperative to plant a vineyard of more than 10 hectares in the Liège region.
  • To make quality wines in respect of the environment.
  • To play a symbolic role in the economic re-deployment of Liège.
  • To create jobs and professional reintegration opportunities.
  • To propose an alternative, people-centred and sustainable economic model that is financially profitable over the long-term.

Concurrently, Vin de Liège also strives to work in respect of:

 The workers who make the wine by providing them with good working conditions and personal development opportunities by encouraging them to get involved in running the company.

  • The environment thanks to sustainable and respectful use of resources.
  • Cooperative members via a fair return on investment, the possibility of actually getting involved and the pride of supporting a project that conveys positive values.
  • The people of Liège, by bringing them together to support a both original and symbolic initiative, as well as producing quality wines with which they can identify.