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The estate

The wine cellar

Located in Heure-le-Romain, the wine cellar of Vin de Liège stands out thanks to its original and complex architecture. Indeed, the building was designed to produce wine in accordance with particularly high quality standards. The wine cellar building is set underground to enable work by gravity, whilst the cellars offer a maximum amount of space for the temperature controlled vats. Consequently, the wine can age in the best conditions.

Beyond these technical demands, the Vin de Liège wine cellar aims to reflect the cooperative’s values. This is why architect Jean-Marc Schepers imagined a building with an organic design that is perfectly integrated into the surrounding countryside with, in particular, a magnificent planted roof.

Built in 2014, the wine cellar was inaugurated in May 2015 as part of the official presentation of the first five wines made by Vin de Liège, in the presence of several thousand people. This event suffused with emotion crowned the fulfilment of wonderful human adventure.

The estate can also host your event based on the theme of wine from Liège. For further information about this, check the section on visits and room hire.