The sparkling wines

L’Insoumise réserve

L’Insoumise Réserve is the jewel in the crown of Vin de Liège. This wine has benefited from 22 months of ageing on laths during which the wine is maintained at a low temperature, enabling the lees to provide it with substance and considerable complexity.
  • Johanniter
  • A superbly intense robe. The vinous and complex aromas form a developed and sophisticated bouquet. It is ripe on the palate, expressive and possesses creamy smooth foam.

  • A wonderful accompaniment for soft crusted cheeses (like brie) or mature goat’s cheese.

    • Production : 1900 bottles
    • Average yield : 40 hl/ha
    • Sulphites : 45 mg/l
    • Alcohol : -% vol.
    • In transition to organic wine-making
    • Harvested by hand