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The estate

The plots

Vivegnis, Vignette, rue de Bourgogne, Vinalmont… Liège’s wine-making history is brimming with places whose names are very evocative, places just waiting to be re-discovered and history waiting to be unearthed again.

Mainly situated in the region of Liège, Vin de Liège’s vineyards can be found in the zone located between the lower Geer and Meuse valleys. With its chalky-clay sub-soil identical to that of the Loire Valley or Champagne region and its summer climate that is slightly warmer than the rest of Belgium, the region boasts the ideal conditions for producing wines of great quality.

Between 2012 and today, just over 13 hectares of vines have been planted.

In the planning stage…

In order to assert the Liège character of its wines and to propose a touristic showcase, Vin de Liège also aims to plant a one-hectare vineyard on the slopes of the Citadel of Liège. Vines will reassert their rights over these plots that were cultivated in the past.

Paradis des chevaux

2,6 hectares in Bassenge


3,6 hectares in Oupeye

To the north, a vineyard hedge has a twofold purpose: a wind break to protect against spring frosts and a refuge for the vineyards’ neighbouring wildlife.

La Carrière

3,4 hectares in Heure-le-Romain

Grand Aaz

2 hectares in Heure-le-Romain


2 hectares in Oupeye